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Sustainable Practices

At High Pass we have been stewards of sustainable farming practices before it had a name. Dieter, the founder of High Pass, planted over 100,000 trees in the NW United States. This included, but not limited to, the Coastal range Mountains and the North Slope of Praire Mountain. While in our tasting room facing the foothills, you may see some of the trees he planted. At High Pass, caring for the land is all we have known since the first day we grafted our early starts. After a year of certification with LIVE we realized that genuine care of the earth surpasses a mere certification.

What We Practice

Cover crops

We planted sub clover in between the vines and at the end of each row. This helps prevent soil erosion, deliver nitrogen to the soil, and suppresses weeds. We also set aside areas for biological diversity.

Recycle crop waste

We use grape skin compost for our vineyard. Each year after pruning, the cuttings are shredded back into the soil.

Minimal tilling

Every other year we till an alternating row in the vineyard.

Minimal synthetic inputs

We recently invested in a new sprayer, on the target sprayer. This sprayer ensures minimal use of pesticides by only spraying on the target crop. We also use the canopy management method which ensures optimal light interception and optimal air movement; results prevent diseases.

At High Pass we understand a farm as an ecosystem, we let birds fly and insects be, as part of our flora which in turn act as natural pest eliminators. Wild animals are not unusual happenings in our vineyards either!

Sustainable Practices: About Us
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